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Professional Electrostatic Disinfection Kit (Save Money by doing it yourself)

Our new Kit created by SHOP-NET-CLEAN will help you complete a detail electrostatic disinfection on your own and with your own frequency.

This kit includes one hour training in where you will be able to learn how to set up the fogger, dilute the concentration and safely disinfect your home, car or office space. 

No need to spend crazy amounts of money contracting disinfection companies. This companies charges a lot of money per time (Easy $400 for a 2000 sqf house per time).

This process  can easily be learn by you. Not only you will save money along the way but also your home, car and office will be healthier for you, your love ones and coworkers.

COVID 19 free your house and cars every day! 

Check for availability by email us at:  info@shopnetclean.com


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